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Seashore Bracelet

Add your favorite beach artifacts to this wire-wrapped bracelet with hand-made links and jump rings to make it uniquely you.

By : Stella Wardale

Difficulty: Intermediate


I am an avid beachcomber and love the different colors and shapes of sea washed pebbles, shells and smooth glass fragments. I live in North Yorkshire 
and all the stones and shells are collected from the beaches along the coastline between Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby and Sands End- one of my favorite 
British coastlines.



Design note

As each shell, pebble and bracelet will be different, it’s impossible to give exact quantities for the wire you will use.

Step 1  |  S-links

Begin by making your s-links. Cut an 8cm length of 1.25mm wire. Form small loops at each end, each facing in the opposite direction. Use your round nose pliers to form larger loops at each end and form your s-shape. If required, you can hammer your wire to harden it and add texture. Make as many s-links as you will need for your wrist size.

Step 2  |  Making your jump rings

Wind a length of your 1.25 wire around the 7mm mandrel of your jump ring maker. 

Step 3

Remove the coil from your mandrel and use your wire cutters to cut it into individual jump rings.

Step 4  |  Wrapping your shells

Make a wrapped loop at one end of a 15cm length of 0.5mm wire.

Step 5

Wrap the remainder of the wire around your shell or pebble, adding seed beads if required, until it is secured. You can take the wire through holes and across itself to ensure it is secure. Once safely held, bring your wire up to the wraps on your loop and wrap around to secure. Trim your wire and then you can ‘tweak’ it with your pliers to ensure it holds tight.

Step 6  |  Assembling your bracelet

Linking your s-hooks with 2 jump rings, and then hanging your wrapped pieces from the larger loops, finishes the bracelet.

Step 7  |  Variation

As you’re wrapping your shell or pebble, you can also wrap a very fine wire around the thicker wire to add more decoration.